Getting to Know our CX and Sales Enablement Community

By: Amy Mersch, VP, Marketing Communications, AMA Cincinnati

As part of AMA Cincinnati’s mission to connect, grow, and inspire our community of marketing professionals, we have built and nurtured a number of key Communities through the years. But as the needs and interests of our community and the industry change, we continue to evolve and reinvent to meet these needs.

May 2018 marked one such evolution, when our longstanding Sales & Marketing Leadership Shared Interest Group led by Don Gray evolved into our new Customer Experience (CX) and Sales Enablement Community, chaired by Mitch Tidman, Managing Director, Palladium Marketing and AMA Cincinnati’s 2017-2018 VP of Strategic Partnerships.

On the heels of our chapter’s remarkably successful inaugural IGNITE! Regional conference on Customer Experience in the fall of 2017, we found a place within our Communities to explore two topics that are on the hearts and minds of many marketers and business owners:  CX and Sales Enablement.

Chartering a Community

At the group’s first meeting, sales, marketing, customer experience, and business professionals gathered to create a road map for the CX and Sales Enablement Community, which over the course of the upcoming year and beyond will examine questions such as…

  • How are marketing and sales professionals approaching CX in their organizations?
  • How do you map your own customer experience journey?
  • What part does company culture play in delivering experiences?
  • What are some of the tools used to deliver consistent customer experiences?
  • What’s the human psychology behind positive experiences?

From our discussion, facilitator and Community chair Mitch Tidman created two word clouds to represent visually how our Community defines and envisions CX and sales enablement.

Building a Service-Oriented Business Culture

Erin Tanner, Division Director, The Creative Group, and her team joined the CX and Sales Enablement Community in June, sharing some of the key concepts that drove TCG’s impressive growth, including tips for creating loyalty and the tenets of the Zappos experience.

(By the way, have you heard of the Zappos experience? If you haven’t, find Erin at our next event, and she will tell you all about it.)

“It was clear from Erin’s presentation that positive energy and passion from leadership are critical to helping create the kind of customer experiences we know drive repeat business and exceptional results,” said Community Chair Mitch Tidman.

“I also noted that taking responsibility for the experiences, negative and positive, is like table stakes. If you don’t take ownership, how can you change it?”

Up next: Back-to-Trade Show Season: A CX and Sales Enablement Special Event!

August is here. Are you thinking about back to school? Try back to trade shows! For marketing, sales, and event managers, September marks the start of the fall trade show season. Is your team ready?

You’re invited to a special edition of AMA Cincinnati’s CX and Sales Enablement Community on August 21, a 2.5-hour, interactive workshop featuring industry experts and opportunities to gain insights and glean best practices from others to increase your team’s engagement and ROI at trade shows and live events this season.

Facilitators of this session include experts from experts from the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, Map Your Show, The Exhibit House, Savage Marketing, and Salestratus.

Whether you’re planning your first show or you’re a seasoned pro, this workshop has something for anyone and everyone who has a stake in planning and executing successful events.

If you’re interested in learning how to improve and elevate the Customer Experience, check out our 8/21 Back-to-Trade Show Season! A CX and Sales Enablement Special Event and our 9/21 IGNITE Regional Conference on Customer Experience!

And mark your calendar for other upcoming CX and Sales Enablement Community events featuring insights from VEGA Americas, Inc. on 9/18, Paycor on 10/16, and Pure Romance on 11/20!