Twitter Q&A with Cincinnati Marketing Legend Dave Knox

On Friday, May 25, AMA Cincinnati and our marketing community had the privilege of hosting Cincinnati Marketing Legend Dave Knox as our guest for a Twitter Q&A. It was our AMA (American Marketing Association) version of an #AMA (Ask Me Anything), if you will.

What it means to be a #CincyMarketingLegend

As we prepare to honor Dave and our other Cincinnati Marketing Legends, Jane Garvey and Ric Sweeney, at the 2018 Pinnacle Awards, we wanted to hear from Dave, the Legend himself, on what it means to be part of the second class of Marketing Legends:

His path to #CincyMarketingLegend in 280 characters or less:

And on going where the market takes you:

Influencers and go-to resources

The road less traveled can be tough to navigate. Where has Dave found inspiration along the way?

Dave couldn’t choose just one:

I have to name three. The first is @JimStengel. I had the fortune of starting my career at P&G while Jim was the CMO. He’s been an amazing teacher and someone that I am always learning from

The second would be @pblackshaw. While he’s not local right now, Pete was a major influencer for me and really taught me the ropes of social media. Also, he’s a fellow #TwinDad and taught me the importance of balancing family and your career

The third would be @tbkopp. While Tim is an Indianapolis guy now, he was born and raised in Cincinnati. We met in my early days at P&G and Tim is my guiding light when it comes to the world of B2B marketing. He was the first brand marketer to really cross over.

What about go-to resources?

Industry challenges and trends

Our community came prepared with their own burning questions for Dave about the industry.

The biggest challenges in B2B marketing today:

How established brands can keep up in an increasingly digital and automated world:

Predicting the Turn

Dave’s book, Predicting the Turn, was recently recognized as the Grand Prix Winner in the WPP Atticus Awards. We spoke with Dave a few months ago about the biggest takeaways marketers should gain from Predicting the Turn.

Read more: An Interview with Dave Knox

During our Twitter chat, we probed a little further about what Dave learned while writing his award-winning book:

A marketing and business paradox

We were lucky to also be joined by Ric Sweeney, a fellow member of our 2018 class of Cincinnati Marketing Legends, who asked Dave about one of marketing’s biggest paradoxes:

A question for the Cincinnati community

To wrap up, Dave had his own question for the community:

What do you think is critical to Cincinnati’s marketing success in the next 10 years? Join the conversation with @daveknox and @AMACincinnati.

Thanks to everyone who joined our Twitter chat today! Want to read more? Check out #CincyMarketingLegend on Twitter!

The 2018 Pinnacle Awards

We’ll join with the Cincinnati marketing community to honor our new class of Cincinnati Marketing Legends and reveal the category winners in a closed-envelope ceremony on May 31, 2018 at the Transept. Limited balcony seats are still available — grab your ticket before they run out!

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