There’s a saying about the month of March: “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” No matter your preferred origin story of that folk wisdom, I’d say that the time and talent that our volunteers, partners and board members resemble that of a lion, no matter the month.

Please join the AMA Cincinnati board in giving roaring applause and “Congratulations!” to our March Volunteers and Board Members of the Month.

March 2019 Volunteer of the Month: Austin Kephart

  • Professional role:  Marketing Manager, Rotex Global, LLC
  • AMA Volunteer position: In-Kind Partnerships Manager
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): Austin is a relationship maker. He sees the potential in AMA Cincinnati and the partnerships the chapter could have and works hard to initiate and maintain those relationships with our in-kind partners. If you’re an in-kind partner, you’re in great hands with Austin!
  • Fun fact: “I was a fine arts major for a year prior to switching to Mechanical Engineering and getting my M.B.A. Art is still a passion of mine and I love drawing when I have the time. However, these days, it has evolved into my rehab project, I like to think of it as a huge art project instead of a construction job.”


March 2019 Volunteer of the Month: Will Moses

  • Professional role:  Digital Media Associate, Empower
  • AMA Volunteer position: Young Professional Events Host & Manager
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): Will was a tastemaker long before influencers were en vogue in the marketing industry. He has his finger on the pulse of marketing’s emerging trends, which makes him a perfect complement to the YP committee and its programming.
  • Fun fact: “Without prior experience in music, in college I taught myself how to play drums and guitar to serve in a student organization I was a part of.”


March 2019 Board Member of the Month: Claire Motz

  • Professional role:  Account Manager, Leading Results
  • AMA Volunteer position: VP Young Professionals & Collegiate Relations
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): Claire has made new relationships while enriching established relationships among the collegiate marketing community and Cincinnati’s emerging marketing talent as VP of Young Professionals. The programming she directs for our young professionals is equal parts direct, valuable and fun.
  • Fun fact: Claire has her scuba diving license.


???????? March 2019 Board Member of the Month: Juri Tults

  • Professional role:  Corporate Sales Representative at Cincinnati Public Radio
  • AMA Volunteer position: VP Strategic Partnerships
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): Juri is our chapter fundraising champion! He most recently earned the AMA Cincinnati chapter a partnership with 84.51 that will help the chapter elevate and deliver maximum value for the remainder of this programming year (through June 2019) and leading up to our 2019 IGNITE! Conference on September 27, 2019. Additionally, his experience serving on the Indianapolis Business Marketing Association board of directors has enriched the AMA Cincinnati board as it continually finesses its strategic direction.
  • Fun fact: Juri has had what one could call a “brush with greatness.” While attending an awards function in NYC, he found himself drinking cocktails while standing next to Lou Reed, Bono and David Bowie.


Thank you, Austin, Will, Claire and Juri! Keep up the great work.