Brought to you by IGNITE! 2017 Event Partners Consumer Clarity and Wyzerr!

By: Dennis Devlin

It was our pleasure at Consumer Clarity to partner with our friends at Wyzerr to offer the Generational Insights Quiz at the IGNITE! 2017 conference. Attendees had the opportunity to test their knowledge about the various consumer generations by identifying the correct generation attributed to selected statements. All twenty statements were pulled from publicly-shared marketing research studies.

Below are the twenty statements, the correct answers, and the source of the information for each statement.

  1. This generation is most willing to share personal information with brands such as purchase history and contact details.

Gen Z; Source: NRF National Retail Federation

  1. This generation is the only generation that doesn’t prioritize buying brands they used when growing up.

Baby Boomers; Source: Chain Storage

  1. This generation is distinctive as to how they place themselves at the center of self-created digital networks; 55% have posted a selfie on social media.

Millennials; Source: PEW Research

  1. This generation prefers having face-to-face interaction with retailers and will use social media sites to find contact information to get in touch with retailers.

Baby Boomers; Source: V12Data

  1. This generation tends to use information, not as a point of pride, but as assurance they are not being taken advantage of by marketers.

Gen X; Source: Business News Daily

  1. This generation expects to move seamlessly between physical and digital worlds and are less tolerant of technical glitches than other generations.

Gen Z; Source: NRF Nation Retail Federation

  1. Seventy-five percent (75%) of this generation is more likely to purchase if they have a coupon or loyalty discount available to them.

Baby Boomers; Source: V12Data

  1. This generation prefers a cool product over a cool experience.

Gen Z; Source: Vision Critical

  1. This generation prefers to communicate using Facetime more than any other generation.

Gen Z; Source: PINimg

  1. This generation is most likely to have purposely bought gender-neutral toys for their children.

Millennials; Source: NEWS Press Now

  1. When targeting this generation through digital channels, email reigns as one of the most important channels to reach this generation.

Gen X; Source: V12Data

  1. This generation appreciates diversity, prefers to collaborate in teams, and is pragmatic when solving problems.

Millennials; Source: AECT Association for Educational Communications and Technology

  1. This generation is often referred to as the lost generation.

Gen X; Source: THINK Design

  1. Eighty four percent (84%) of this generation say they prefer to shop at brick and mortar store locations more so than do other generations.

Baby Boomers; Source: CHAIN Storage

  1. This generation is less interested in trying new brands; they prefer to stick with brands they know and trust and are willing to spend extra money for them.

Gen X; Source: AZ Central

  1. This generation has the most disposable income that accounts for almost 50% of retail sales.

Baby Boomers; Source: V12Data

  1. This generation is the most racially diverse generation in history.

Millennials; Source: PEW Research

  1. This generation trusts social media influencers more than they do traditional celebrities.

Gen Z; Source: Ogilvy

  1. This generation relies more so on the opinions of others before making purchase decisions than do other generations.

Gen X; Source: AECT

  1. This generation prefers a cool experience over a cool product.

Millennials; Source: Vision Critical

For those of you who participated in the quiz, thank you!

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Dennis Devlin is the Founder and CEO of Consumer Clarity, an insights and strategy consultancy specializing in millennial and Gen Z consumers. Dennis is the 2016 AMA National Chapter Volunteer of the Year, a Past President of AMA Cincinnati, the Chair of the CMO Roundtable, and a current AMA Cincinnati Board of Directors member serving as VP Strategic Alignment.