A Gig Economy Case Study

By: Sara Fay, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, First American Healthcare Finance | VP, Programming, AMA Cincinnati 

With the rapid growth of the gig economy, both giggers and corporations should be aware of its trends, uses, and impact on the workforce. In the past, independent working was often temporary, or a path to obtain employment with a company.

Now, the rise of the gig economy has enabled independent workers to stay independent and benefit from an entrepreneurial lifestyle, while companies have adapted to working with independent workers on an as-needed basis, often at a premium to offset the cost of not hiring them as full-time staff.

Both workers and companies still have a lot to figure out, but read how one company and gigger have found the optimal working relationship.


Case Study: First American Equipment Finance

About the Requester

First American Equipment Finance is an equipment financing and leasing company that values relationships. Their mission is to be the Best Company to Work For and the Best Company to Work With, which holds true for their clients, employees, and vendors (giggers). As an employer, First American values being a flat organization to give their employees a high amount of decision-making authority, the ability to guide their own career, and a tremendous amount of responsibility.

As a flat organization, vendors  are often relied on to get the job done well. However, given the culture, strive for excellence, and value of relationships, First American does not use just any vendor.

First American Equipment Finance’s Leadership and Marketing Teams use Dave, owner of BTV Productions, as an extension of their team to produce high caliber video content

First American employees develop a deep relationship with the select vendors they use, who spend time understanding First American’s brand, needs, go-to-market strategy, and core values. Many vendors are eventually considered family, from their video producer to their photographer to IT consultants.

Karen Pomazal, Senior Vice President in Marketing, summarizes First American’s vendor relationships by saying, “In a fast-growing, high-achieving organization, trust is everything. Our best vendors become trusted advisors – a true extension of our team. We rely on them to do excellent work, and in return, they earn our long-term loyalty.”

About the Worker

BTV Productions is owned by Dave Bartlett, who has been working with First American for more than 13 years. BTV Production’s sole focus is on video production, but when working with First American, Dave acts as a true extension of the First American Team.

Dave will frequently strategize with First American’s CEO and Marketing Leaders about internal and external company videos, travel to interview First American’s clients for case study testimonials, and work with marketing managers to develop new video promotions. Dave is viewed as a trusted advisor and has truly developed a sense of closeness with the First American employees.

In Dave’s words, working with First American has been “an honor to not only create inspiring video content for this amazing company but also strategize with the leadership team on the vision of the company and be a true extension of their team.”

Download First American’s case study as a PDF.

This is an exciting time for everyone in the workforce, to see a shift that promotes flexibility, independence, collaboration, and innovation. The gig economy is here to stay — and it’s up to both organizations and workers to work together to create trust, autonomy, and a mutually rewarding working relationship.

Sara Fay is the Assistant Vice President of Marketing for First American Healthcare Finance. She serves on the 2018-2019 AMA Cincinnati Board of Directors as VP of Programming.

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