Please join the AMA Cincinnati board in giving roaring applause and “Congratulations!” to our June Volunteer and Board Members of the Month.

🎉👏 June 2019 Volunteer of the Month: Rhea Hickok

  • Professional role: Marketing Manager at Ameresco
  • AMA Volunteer position: Pinnacle Awards Marketing and Event Manager
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): For those who attended our Pinnacle Awards ceremony, you may have seen Rhea deliver the sealed envelopes to our host Kathrine Nero to reveal the winner of our categories. Rhea managed the creation of finalist certificates and the flow of the program, ensuring the integrity and credibility of our awards program.
  • Fun fact: Rhea has had some interesting contradictions from her life. She is the granddaughter of coal miners, but her entire career has been focused on increasing sustainability and green initiatives. And her first job was at a state fair making steak sandwiches … while she was a vegetarian.

🎉👏 June 2019 Board Member of the Month: Claire Motz

  • Professional role: Digital Marketing Specialist at VEGA Americas
  • AMA Volunteer position: VP Programming – Young Professionals & Collegiate
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): Claire went above and beyond her role last month by leaning into her digital marketing prowess to assist the Marketing Communications committee with important messaging and execution of promotions on social media and emails to drive attendance for our annual Pinnacle Awards.
  • Fun fact: I was a Public Speaking Mentor when I was a senior at Miami University.

🎉👏Thank you, Rhea and Claire! Keep up the great work.🎉👏