Please join the AMA Cincinnati board in giving roaring applause and “Congratulations!” to our April Volunteers and Board Members of the Month.

🎉👏 April 2019 Volunteer of the Month: Abby Gerwe

  • Professional role:  Founder & Lead Planner at Queen City Destination
  • AMA Volunteer position: Event Specialist and In-Kind Partner for event planning, Pinnacle Awards and IGNITE Conference
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): Having worked in the Nashville event industry during a time in which the city’s rent tripled and tourism skyrocketed, Abby deeply understands what makes experiences unforgettable and has excelled at creating such experiences. Seeing a similar event boom start to take root in her hometown of Cincinnati prompted her to move back and found Queen City Destination, a destination management and event planning company.
  • Fun fact: “Outside of my passion for event planning and execution, I love to spend time in my kitchen testing out new recipes for my family, enjoy a great movie with husband, and walk my two rescue pups: Phoebe Gaga and Walter White.”

🎉👏 April 2019 Volunteer of the Month: Audrey Ronis-Tobin

  • Professional role:  Product Marketing Contractor at a Fortune 100 company focused in aerospace, building tech, safety & productivity, & performance mats
  • AMA Volunteer position: IGNITE! Committee Member and 2019-20 IGNITE! VP
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): IGNITE! is heating up with Audrey on board! She has been a meaningful contributor on the IGNITE committee by providing practical insight and advice related to the customer experience discipline within marketing and the business enterprise. She has also been a leader among her peers in sourcing speakers, making thoughtful recommendations and anticipating logistical needs.
  • Fun fact: Audrey volunteers as a coach for an innovation/robotics program

🎉👏 April 2019 Board Member of the Month: Amy Mersch

Amy Mersch - Marketing Communications - AMA Cincinnati

  • Professional role:  Marketing Manager at Prosource
  • AMA Volunteer position: VP Marketing Communications
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): Marketing and communications touches every part of our chapter. It’s not just promoting events and details, but about getting our chapter’s editorial priorities straight and maintaining a consistent tone of voice across email, social channels and more. Amy has been a trendsetter in this area, and has even activated a committee of great volunteers that she leads!
  • Fun fact: Amy is a total softie for rescue dogs—with a particular weakness for mutts, as evidenced by her very spoiled cattle dog/shepherd/terrier/retriever (and more) mix who has stolen her heart.

🎉👏 April 2019 Board Member of the Month: Gabrielle Walter

  • Professional role:  Account Manager at Ipsos
  • AMA Volunteer position: VP Membership
  • Reason for recognition (aka “AMA super power”): As many AMA members may know, the AMA Support Center at the national level went through a transformation this past winter. The entire path to purchase for AMA membership was altered, as well as some key infrastructural updates. This meant that chapters received different information about members in a different way. Gabrielle has been tenacious in understanding these changes and absorbing them so as to minimize the interruption in membership value, member recruitment and member retention.
  • Fun fact: Gabrielle enjoys patio gardening and is getting ready to plant her herbs and tomatoes for the summer.

🎉👏Thank you, Abby, Audrey, Amy and Gabrielle! Keep up the great work.🎉👏