Advocates and Advisors

Leading one of the AMA’s 75 Chapters is no small responsibility. Each Chapter has its own unique personality, opportunities and challenges, but we all share the passion for the present and future of Marketing and the businesses and communities we serve. We also share the monumental task of serving a vital and savvy network of Marketers via a volunteer army of (usually) the busiest people in town.

AMA Cincinnati is incredibly fortunate to have an active and engaged group of Past Presidents to serve as a sounding board, resource and network, and they continue to be among our biggest champions in the community. We are eternally grateful for their service, their advocacy, their ideas and their continuing support and friendship.

AMA Cincinnati Past Presidents Council

We proudly acknowledge and thank the current members of our Past Presidents Council (PPC):

Andy Noller (2020-2021)

Justine Daley (2019-2020)

Suzanne Buzek (2018-2019)

Travis Nipper (2017-2018)

Gina Bonar (2016-2017)

Simcha Kackley (2015-2016)

Lorena Harris (2014-2015)

Dennis Devlin (2013-2014)

Will Kreiger (2011-2012)

Pete Healy (2010-2011)

Kelly Blake (2009-2010)

Hilarie (Meyer) Joseph (2008-2009)

Pat Frew (2007-2008)

Chris Grabarkiewicz, Ph.D. (2006-2007)

Ric Sweeney (2001-2002)

Susan LaBonte (1999-2000)

Jim Hosty (1998-1999)
Bonnie White (1995-1997)

Carol Shea (1992-1993)